Top List Of Accredited HMOs In Nigeria

The Nigerian health insurance sector has grown and expanded since the National health insurance scheme became operational in 2004. A Health maintenance organization (HMO) is a private or public incorporated company that is registered by the National Health Insurance scheme to only manage the provision of health care services via the health care facilities that are accredited by the scheme. In 2012, there were 66 accredited health maintenance organizations in Nigeria, but today, they’re about 60 accredited HMOs operating in Nigeria. Although there have been lots of recent mergers, acquisitions and re-accreditations, below are some of the top list of accredited HMOs in Nigeria (health maintenance organizations):

  • AVON Healthcare Limited – located in Ikoyi, Lagos state; AVON HMO provides its clients with Affordable Health Insurance plans for Individuals, Couples, Families, Small Businesses and Corporate organizations in Nigeria. AVON HMO is on the lips of several Nigerians and it is meeting the expectations of health insurance shoppers.
  • Premium health limited – headquartered in Ikoyi, Lagos state, Premium Health HMO offers robust insurance cover to individuals, groups and corporate entities and it appears to be back and better after a brief period of hibernation (figuratively speaking).
  • Total Health Trust limited – headquartered in Palmgroove estate in Lagos; Total Health Trust HMO offers top quality health insurance services to individuals, small businesses and large corporate organizations. Their HMO plans are a bit pricey compared to other HMOs, however be rest assured that you will be getting the best quality health cover that money can buy. This is the most preferred HMO for expatriates and businesses looking to buy an ‘above average’ health insurance cover.
  • United health care international limited – located in Lagos, they offer various health insurance plans to individuals, groups, families and large businesses..
  • Mediplan healthcare limited – Incorporated in 2000, this is another preferred HMO for small and medium scale businesses in Nigeria. They have got robust plans well suited to varieties of budgets and coverages. Medi plan HMO is headquartered in Victoria Island, Lagos.
  • Healthcare international limited – located in Lagos, Nigeria: healthcare international provides very comprehensive and flexible international health insurance to its clients from individuals to corporate bodies in Nigeria.
  • Prepaid Medical services limited – located in Abuja, prepaid medical services limited provides services that are personalized for individuals, families, groups and corporate organizations.
  • Integrated Healthcare limited – located in the capital city, Abuja; integrated healthcare provides health insurance coverage to individuals, family and corporate entities, its health insurance packages also provide for emergency services and counseling.
  • Clearline international limited – this is one of the largest health maintenance organization in Nigeria with over 2000 healthcare providers and thirteen centers nationwide. This HMO has been accredited for more than 20 years now hence its reputation as one of the oldest. Located in Lagos, it provides healthcare services to employees, individuals and their families across Nigeria.
  • Zuma health trust – located in Abuja, Zuma health trust provide its healthcare plan to individuals, families and corporate entities.
  • MetroHealth HMO limited – This HMO focuses on the provision of quality health services by providing quick, personalized and seamless quality healthcare support services to clients whether young, middle-aged or old. It is headquartered in Lagos Island, Lagos state.
  • Hygeia HMO Limited – Located in Marina, Lagos. Hygeia HMO is one of the most preferred HMOs for companies (small, medium and large scale corporations). Hygeia HMO plans are popular and affordable, supported by a huge health provider network nationwide. Hygeia HMO and provide clients with healthcare savings accounts, and cater to individual & group healthcare insurance. Hygeia HMO makes our top list of accredited HMOs In Nigeria.
  • Axa Mansard Health Insurance  – Axa Mandard health Insurance arm is not an HMO per say, but a full health insurance company. This is also a popular choice for health insurance buyers with robust plans and pricing arrangement catering to individuals, families and companies. Axa Mansard Insurance is headquartered in Victoria Island in Lagos.

The above list is not totally exhaustive of the top list of accredited HMOs in Nigeria. We only selected a few to write on however, based on popular opinion, we will continue to add more to this list and update them based on recent news of mergers, acquisitions and re-accreditation involving the HMOs in Nigeria.

Let us know what you think in the comment section below. Also feel free to share your recent experiences with any of the HMOs.

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osadola ifedapo
November 1, 2016 2:11 pm

my HMO(PRECIOUS HEALTH CARE )has failed to communicate with us and to even give us good services.they have made their phone number confidential to us so we can not communicate with them to lodge complaints. presently, I’m in CMC in ido,AdoEkiti hospital to undergo surgery but no adequate facilities to do that, I can not access my HMO to refer me to another hospital that has facilities. this is my predicament now


Hello Osadola, sorry about your current plights.. You should consider changing your HMO accordingly if you are not satisfied with their service. No one is bound forever to any HMO. Is your health plan under a corporate umbrella? If this is the case kindly consider reaching out to your company HR for advise on the way forward.


Hello Osadola Ifedapo, your experience is quite uncalled for as an HMO is suppose to always prepare ahead and set ground for enrollees to have easy and flexible access to standard healthcare at all times. I also hope my communication is not quite late, I


i will further like to introduce you to my organization which is SWIFT HMO LTD. We are HEALTH MANAGEMENT ORGANIZATION based in lagos. We work with hospitals across the 36 states in Nigeria with a flexibility of having our enrollees an easy access to 5 hospitals (health providers) of their choice which is spread across different locations (within your workplace, home and off duty posts) to suit your health needs at any particular point in time. This of course comes with adequate and excellent attention as necessary. Please call +234701384**** for further inquiries and visit our website swifthmo(.)com for further information. Thank you


Wat are swift hmo all about,am invited for an interview there


Hello, do you have maternity plan?


change your HMO, come and share a wonderful experience with ****. contact me through email for details on how to come on board. CHEERS


Can I recommend my HMO (Venus medicare limited) to you??
We have a lots of benefits and health plans that is not restricted to a particular state but covers other states where you will be needing the health care services. I can be reached on this contact if you wish and desire to know more about our quality services.. 0816335****
[email protected]
Have a wonderful day sir/ma


Need to no the number of hmo accredited to our health provider

Beatrice Katchy
May 15, 2017 3:51 pm

how about marina medical hmo ltd? were they not re accredited?


I can’t find managed healthcare (hmo)


Hi Nasir, the HMO list on this page is not all encompassing. Only a few top ones were listed here among many.


Please I am in need of a job in any health care provider in Ibadan, Oyo state. I have passion in reaching out to individual and groups on health matters.
Any referral or job placement will be appreciated. I wouldn’t mind intern and volunteer job. I can send my resume and application if need be.
Thanks in anticipation.


I’m so happy I’ve been able to discover this information.
A lot of people are not aware of this scheme. I will definitely enrolled on at least a policy . thank you

Obumneke Ejimnkeonye Okafor
January 18, 2018 11:58 am

Kindly give me list of HMOs that operate in Awka, Anambra state. I want my family to have health insurance.

Audu Ezekiel O.
March 11, 2018 6:08 pm

Kindly call this line for more education on health insurance 080****** and the HMO and health plan you can have for your family thank you.


Hello obumneke, you may contact me through email to come on-board with ***. CHEERS!

Iniobong ekong ezekiel
August 14, 2022 4:51 pm

Clear line international is the right choice for you


kindly give us list, addresses and phone numbers of HMO (INTERNATIONAL HEALTH INSURANCE FOR UK AND US)


Pls, can you give me losy of a HMO’s.

Osinowo Osibanjo
November 11, 2021 11:21 am



Pls,i want to knw more about swift hmo because am invited for an interview there

Folake Oluwasegun
April 24, 2018 12:15 pm

How do I go about registering a hospital so it can be recommended by HMOs

George Tajomavwo
July 11, 2018 11:45 am

I want to register with an HMO with reputation for good services preferably in Lagos.


Hi George, please feel free to use the free quotes form on this page. It’s convenient and free.


Is this list updated? Its surprising that Avon HMO is not on the list. I would say they are the best HMO in Nigeria at the moment.

Okunade Ifeoluwa
July 22, 2019 8:40 am

It is my pleasure to introduce Novo Health Africa to everyone.
We are a Health Maintenance Organisation (HMO), literally, Health Insurance Company.
We are out to enable you as individuals and corporate bodies to have access to quality health services without draining your pocket.
For more details, contact Ifeoluwa on
0703040**** (Whatsapp, Calls and SMS)
0818379**** (Calls only)
0811126**** (Calls and only)
0701218**** (Calls and SMS only)


Novo HMO doesn’t pay health providers/Facilitators regularly and this has discouraged many of them. Please kindly Improve on this. Thanks.


To me, Clearline is a fraudster, after paying for my wife and son, the chosen hospital could not attend to my son, i called the contact person, no response, mailed the contact person and the contact email address but nobody responded. Before we did payment for the plan they always responded to our emails but to access the services was unavailable.


I just read your mail on Clearline and would like to state here that the experience you posted is not true. Please contact their call center. The details are on there website. Clearline hmo always guarantees access to medicare for it’s enrollees nationwide.

Tunde Agboola
April 3, 2020 4:57 pm

Is Nonsuch a registered HMO?


I am with defense HMO please can you help me with their contact, l want to confirm about my ID


Ronsberger Nigeria Limited (HMO) is a popular Health Maintenance Organization. It is not mentioned among top HMOs in Nigeria. Please do update your records with the inclusion of it in your reviewed edition.



You forgot to include RelianceHMO in your list.

Here is URL: reliancehmo(.)com


Hello Niyi, to secure listing for your HMO you may reach out to support or simply sign up here:

Bakare tinuke
April 25, 2021 10:40 am

I need a good and affordable HMO for my family. This is individual and not company

Ogunmola Isaac
October 27, 2021 1:04 pm

To the Management of the National Health Insurance Scheme, it is on record that the NHIS was inaugurated and started well in the Country with the MHAs performing creditably well.
But alas! The delay or none release of the statutory re-capitation grant to all the MHAs is currently threatening the existence and smooth running of the MHAs.
Therefore, a clarion call on the NHIS Management to speed up actions on the urgent release of the re-capitation fund to avoid a total collapse of the Scheme at the grassroots.
Please, if this message is not for this E-mail address, kindly forward it to the appropriate quarter for urgent attention.
Because of the numerous Health advantages being enjoyed by the vulnerables, vide the NHIS in the grassroots, I have the strong belief that NHIS must not die in Nigeria.
Long live NHIS
Long live Nigeria.
Courtesy: Chief I. A. Ogunmola (JP),
BOT Chairman,
Iloro-Ekiti Mutual Health Association.

Enoch .O. Abah
January 19, 2022 8:46 pm

How about does that are not in Abuja or Lagos, how do we get the services?


Hello Enoch, Health Insurance is available nationwide. It is not restricted to customers in Abuja or Lagos only.


Can I Have Multiple Health Insurance Plans in nigeria.


Good evening, i will like to register my family on hmo.


Health Partners HMO is the bomb for me…

August 19, 2022 8:41 am

It is our pleasure to introduce to you IHMS Corporate plans.

At IHMS we offer quality and most affordable health insurance plans
designed to take care of the healthcare need of your workforce
including your personal domestic staff.

Kindly find attached a copy of proposal and list of hospitals under our Network.

Looking forward to having a physical meeting with you to discuss further on this.




Really surprised not seeing Prohealth HMO on this list. it’s one of the fast growing HMO with a good blend of awesome services and Pricing.


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