Health Insurance for Europe Visa

Nigerian citizens require a visa to enter European countries. We will be focusing on the Schengen areas, which comprise of the countries with a border-less agreement. If a Nigerian citizen wishes to apply for visa to travel to Europe, travel health insurance is mandatory and legally required. Health insurance for Europe Visa can be obtained through multiple insurance agencies or through online platforms like this one.

The purpose of an insurance policy is to be covered in case of an unforeseen eventuality like an accident or even death, covering medical expenses or repatriation. Most insurance companies offer a rather comprehensive package that will cover you and make sure that all you require you can get so you don’t become avoidably stranded. Here we will look at some options outside Nigeria:

AXA is a very reliable option. They offer travel cover at an affordable rate, takes care of customs and make you feel safe during your trip. Their rates start as low as .99 Euros per day and if you happen to be staying more than 105 days, the default period of coverage ascends to 180 days. Their insurance policy will protect you from medical expenses up to 30,000 Euros and you will be able to print your insurance certificate right away at the comfort of your home.

Another good option for your health insurance for Europe visa is Insubuy which offers the same 30,000 Euros coverage needed to enter Schengen zone. With Insubuy you can also customize your policy to offer you more. Certificates can also be printed thirty to sixty minutes after buying a travel health insurance insurance.

Europe requires your policy to cover expenses up to the aforementioned 30,000 Euros including the costs for repatriation, if necessary.

Within Nigeria, you can find reliable agencies that specialize in travel health insurance policies necessary to obtain a Schengen Visa. Axa Mansard Insurance, AIICO Insurance, Cornerstone Insurance and Ensure Insurance can assist you with processes to obtain a visa or a residence permit. Some others like Evasan / Unitrust assurances and United Healthcare travel health Insurance can offer help to get your visa for the Schengen zone, but not for your residence permit needs.

Zenith Insurance also offer comprehensive travel health insurance plans within Nigeria, and when you get to evaluate all the benefits the policy offers, including unlimited medical cover, 24/7 emergency service, free choice of recognized hospitals and war zone cover, you may realize this is a package suited for the first time traveler.

These insurance companies have years of experience and you can begin your process for health insurance for Europe visa. If you wish to take the online route, you can be rest assured that they are just as valid and good for your travel plans into Europe.

Remember that obtaining travel health insurance for your European visa is mandatory and this will be checked at the point of arrival into any country that is a signatory to the Schengen Agreement. You do not want to risk everything by thinking this is not a compulsory measure.

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