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National Health Insurance Act

Since the institution of the National Health Insurance Act, it is required by Nigerian law that any employer with 10 or more employees must register them to contribute to the National Health Insurance Scheme.

As for other insurance types, like general health, dental and other similar types, most companies provide their employees with great packages to make sure they stay. To the extent of their contract terms, unionized workers must be provided with even further coverage benefits.

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Some Top HMOs in Nigeria

The National Health Insurance Scheme (NHIS) in Nigeria released a comprehensive list of newly re-accredited Health Management Organisations (HMOs) in the country. eHealthInsurance platform listings proudly presents some of these Health Partners for, and at your convenience!

Health Insurance for Employers

Corporate and social responsibility are traits that businesses who are offering their employees these benefits show. The process of becoming a nation with a great health insurance system, make those involved believe that this could lead to a better quality health care in the country. This is a necessity because it is stipulated that 80% of the medical expenses are paid from the pockets of the patients, instead of a competent healthcare plan. In the last ten years, the Government has offered plans to allow the most vulnerable sectors of the population to be able to solve some of the health matters that arise, but this is not a permanent and constant solution. The latest statistics mention that a total of 7.5 million people are part of the National Health Insurance Scheme, but Nigeria has an approximate population of 180 million people and the percentage is just to low to maintain it at that pace.

On a different level, another reason why Nigeria needs to start offering the kind of benefits that attract great employees is that workers is what every developing country needs to rely its strength on. The morale for employers who are receiving the benefits is the fuel to lead businesses into what they can be, instead of doing just enough to get by. If Nigeria decides to get a legislation making health insurance for employers mandatory, we might be looking at a growth rate faster than what is forecasted.

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What are health insurance policies for employers? At this very moment, health insurance may not be compulsory for labour employers, but viewing it from an economic stand point, it is one of the most important decisions to make.

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An insured employee is a very valuable asset to any company and this is why providing insurance to employees is a very common practice among employers in the modern world. Nigeria is in dire need of joining today´s standards.

Health Insurance for Europe Visa

In Nigeria, health insurance for employers is not mandatory as a whole, but a variety of segments are expected to be covered for by the employers. Since 1987 all businesses are required to offer certain benefits to their employers in case they are incapacitated on the job.

A family who signed for Health Insurance


There are four primary categories of mishaps for which insurance cover is mandatory viz: Permanent partial incapacity, permanent total incapacity, temporary incapacity and fatal accidents, where death results.

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