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Why Health Insurance?

Acquiring a health insurance plan can help you save a lot on total medical/healthcare costs. What does the term ‘health insurance’ mean? Health insurance is a contract between an individual, private firm, government agency or a non-profit organization and an insurance company created to cover the risks associated with medical expenses by the insured.

The company or firm buys a health plan or insurance policy in co-ordination with an insurance firm and they end up paying premiums which covers most or all medical expenses whenever the need arises.


Some Top HMOs in Nigeria

The National Health Insurance Scheme (NHIS) in Nigeria released a comprehensive list of newly re-accredited Health Management Organisations (HMOs) in the country. eHealthInsurance platform listings proudly presents some of these Health Partners for, and at your convenience!

How Does Health Insurance Work?

Most of the people around the world get their health insurance via their employers paying premiums for them either whole or partly. Some of the common terms that a person should be familiar with before obtaining a health insurance plan are as follows:

Premium – this is the amount the insured or policy holder pays to the insurance firm for coverage of their health plan. The premiums to be paid vary drastically from person to person according to the cost of the plan opted for, how likely the policy holders will need those services, age of the insured, the geographical location of the policy holders, size of the family and whether the insured is on drugs like tobacco or not. These factors are considered before the premium to be paid is set by the health insurance company.

Co-insurance – this implies that after the deductibles have been cleared, both you and your insurance firm have to share the costs of the covered medical services. For instance, the plan might have 80/20 coinsurance which would mean that the plan pays up to 80% while you pay the remaining 20%.

Co-payment – some health care plans require the insured to pay for some services before they pay for the services incurred. For example; an insurance firm may require the insured to pay N8000 for a doctors’ visit or for emergency services before it pays for other services. This payment is made only for a few specified services that the insured incurs.

Health insurance should be embraced by many as it helps to cover for unexpected and high medical costs.

Benefits – when taking a premium, the plan stipulates to cover certain medical expenses which are referred to as benefits. These might include: doctors’ visits, hospital charges, laboratory tests and medicine prescriptions.
Deductibles – this is the total amount the insured must pay before the insurance pays its own share. After paying the deductible, this means that the plan will start to cover its part of the health care costs.
Out-of-pocket maximum – this is the total amount an insured can pay in a year. After reaching this limit (out-of-pocket maximum), the insurance caters to the rest of the medical expenses that year.
Claim – a claim in simple terms is the formal request of payment based on the terms of an insurance plan. For every medical service you get, the hospital that provides you with those services files a claim with your insurance firm for payment.

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