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Private Medical Insurance For Families

When it comes to health insurance for individuals and families private medical insurance has other advantages over the National Health Care Scheme. For example, the NHIS does not cover infertility treatment and this is something to consider when deciding to start a family.

The NHIS does not let you add a partner as your dependant, unless you are legally married. Many people report that the treatment they receive when attending a hospital under this program is not the quality they would expect. Many will advise to buy the service from a private provider in order to enjoy good and affable treatment, and also receive the quality service you require in certain situations.

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Some Top HMOs in Nigeria

The National Health Insurance Scheme (NHIS) in Nigeria released a comprehensive list of newly re-accredited Health Management Organisations (HMOs) in the country. eHealthInsurance platform listings proudly presents some of these Health Partners for, and at your convenience!

Health Insurance for Individuals and Families

As many of us already know, in Nigeria, health care is largely provided by private providers. The remaining part of the public, or those who cannot afford a private service, is the Government´s responsibility. Certain opinions state that little to no change has occurred in what has been described as a poor health system and the numbers are a bit too heavy to make the burden lighter.

When you are taking a health insurance coverage decision for your family, every factor counts and nothing should be overlooked, because Nigeria is not yet a country with a first world quality healthcare and if the available options are within your means, you should definitely consider getting a health insurance quote from a company that will make you feel safe and assured that no matter what comes your way, you are giving yourself and the ones you love the best protection and a real fighting chance.

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With the complications noticeable year after year in the Nigerian health care system, provided for by the Government, and other health issues facing the country, having a bulletproof insurance can really make the difference.

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The biggest companies in Nigeria offer affordable packages for both families and individuals. International companies can offer the much sought after solutions too. Some are very popular for the expats who decide to live in Nigeria and their rates are competitive.

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Within the country, some health management Organizations propose health insurance plans to protect individuals and families with many even proposing global coverage options, meaning you could continue to enjoy your insurance policy, regardless of whether you decide to stay in Nigeria or leave the country.

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It is very important that you consult and assess all the options you have carefully before even thinking of taking on a policy. You need to take the time to understand your needs and be ready to examine your financial capacities.

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This site was recommended to me recently by a friend to help me with health insurance. I found this service wonderful as it attended adequately to my health care insurance needs. I was able to access and evaluate several provider alternatives and quotes in a short time. My concerns and inquiries were also very well attended to in a very satisfying manner. In my humble opinion I think this is a wonderful innovation that can help anyone to find great health care plans at a price that is comfortable. It would have been stressful going physically from one HMO’s office building to another comparing quotes and plans.. I was able to achieve same from a single point right here online for health insurance, saving me a lot of stress. Nice one guys!