International Travel Health Insurance Companies

Travel health insurance is mostly ignored when buying a travel insurance plan as many people don’t expect to fall sick while travelling. But for frequent travelers, it’s wise for them to have a health travel insurance cover that provides protection against sickness. Different insurance companies provide cover for medical and dental treatment along with provision of emergency medical transportation services by helicopter or airplane.

What to look for in travel health insurance.

Does your insurance company offer travel health in its health plan? Take your time to check this. Some health insurance companies offer policies that combine emergency transportation, medical and dental treatment in one plan, while others have split them. Select a travel health plan that suits your budget.

Choosing a good travel health insurance company is very important. They not only provide you with good health care cover while travelling but you’re also assured of receiving prompt response. A few travel health insurance companies domiciled in Nigeria and other parts of the world include:

1. HealthCare international; with over 35 years of experience, healthcare international travel health insurance provides flexible travel health plans. These plans are designed to fit the requirements of different individuals, families or corporate clients and provide access to quality health care and medical support around the world. The travel health services include: medical expenses, nursing staff in more than 160 countries including Nigeria, 24/7 global healthcare network with medical professionals & centers, emergency transport and repatriation of mortals.

2. United healthcare Travel health insurance; it was incorporated in January, 2000 and licensed by the National health insurance scheme of Nigeria. United healthcare international limited started with an enrollees base of 170,000 and it has grown to more than 1 million enrollees. This insurance company provides its health services across Nigeria and around the world. Some of the travel health insurance benefits that it offers include: medical expenses, emergency transport or airlifting, and repatriation of mortals.

3. GlobeMed insurance; provides members with access to quality health care around the world. Globemed health insurance offers its services internationally with a network of highly qualified service providers and medical centers. Members can be assured of receiving health care services around the world as they have over 500,000 healthcare providers. They offer several health care services that include: emergency medical evacuation, emergency medical repatriation, repatriation of mortal remains, compassionate visit and transportation of minor children.

4. GlobalCare; is a travel health insurance company that offers its services not only in Nigeria but also around the world. Globalcare provides affordable medical expenses among other healthcare services such as emergency medical evacuation, emergency transportation services and repatriation of the deceased. This travel health insurance firm is present in over 180 countries.

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