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Healthcare cost is something people don’t plan for. When a person decides to take a health insurance plan, it is a way of securing their own future medical costs that might accrue. Health insurance means getting insured against a loss that might be incurred as a result of ill health. Health insurance involves signing of an agreement or contract between two parties who are the insured (person in requirement of the insurance plan) and the insurer (insurance firm of the insured). There are several health insurance companies in Nigeria that offer great health care plans and they include:

Expat health insurance – they offer health care services in over 180 countries around the world. Expat health insurance is committed in providing quality health care and medical support to their clients (individuals, families or companies). They provide many health benefits that include: portable services that can be carried across borders, emergency medical evacuation with no added costs, and with optional coverage.

Allianz worldwide care– provides healthcare services in Nigeria with its several doctors and medical practitioners around the country. Allianz insurance is a global company based in Germany and is also one of the biggest heath care insurance companies in the world. It is known for providing international health insurance for employees and its claims are processed within 48 hours.

Multishield health care – Since its inception in 1997 as a Health maintenance organization, Mutlishield health care has been providing repaid health care plans to cater for individuals, families and corporate organizations. Multishield health care is one of the best health providers in Nigeria as it guarantees receiving of health services from medical experts, impressive health care centers around the country and provision of quality health care standards to its members.

Ronsberger Nigeria limited – is a health insurance company that is authorized and regulated by the National health insurance scheme. Ronsberger is also one of the most developed and established health insurance companies in the country as it has different members from various fields such as; Nigerian Railway corporation, University of Nigeria, Universal basic education, University of Ibadan and the Italian embassy in Nigeria among other sectors. In addition, Ronsberger Nigeria limited has very great health plans which include: prime care, medicheck plan and Medical tourism. They are located everywhere in the country and can be therefore accessed with ease. This insurance company offers both local and international health care services.

Clearline HMO – is a health maintenance organization registered by the National Health Insurance council to underwrite health insurance as set out by the National health insurance law of 1999. Clearline international limited was started with the focus of offering individuals, families and corporate organizations equitable and quality health care services at an affordable cost. They health five plans that are designed to cover typical ailments and medical procedures that guarantees quality and affordable health care to their members.

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