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What is Capitation?

Capitation generally covers all employees and offer them services like ambulance services, drug and medicine prescription and minor surgeries and procedures as well as laboratory and X-rays, but excludes dental and optical care, maternity and physiotherapy. The Insurance option is limited and all that is excluded can be provided by paying a fee every time you are in need of a particular service. This is the main reason why most companies decide to go with the capitation option, but there isn’t a generally preferred type because every company has their own needs for coverage.

However a company with staff strength bigger than 5 people should consider an HMO, because it is the cheaper option and takes the risk away to have a sudden need to pay for healthcare.

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Some Top HMOs in Nigeria

The National Health Insurance Scheme (NHIS) in Nigeria released a comprehensive list of newly re-accredited Health Management Organisations (HMOs) in the country. eHealthInsurance platform listings proudly presents some of these Health Partners for, and at your convenience!

Introduction to HMOs in Nigeria

In order to present a clearer introduction to HMOs in Nigeria, we need to explain what an HMO really is. An HMO or Health Maintenance Organizations in Nigeria are companies whose only responsibility is in managing the provision of health care services through those health care facilities that are included in the program, in this case the NHIS. Every HMO has a list of providers that can provide the services needed to the individuals and companies they work for. Those who enjoy health insurance coverage must pay a sort of premium to their respective HMOs. There are two types of plans that an HMO can offer. One of them is called capitation.

Some Companies offer a wide variety of plans, from Family Exclusive care where you can get regular check-ups for yourself, your spouse and up to four children as well as transportation costs if you require it; to prime care for individuals or families. Several of their clients are high-profile, including the Nigeria Railway Corporation, the National Teacher´s Institute and the University of Nigeria.

Today, HMOs are evolving to providing more customized service that can tend to the needs of every company and individual interested in acquiring a cover and being able to provide the highest level of quality that the Nigerian private institutions can offer to the public.

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Individuals can also take advantage of this introduction to HMOs regardless of whether they own a company or not and enjoy the benefits of having a prepaid plan that covers any sort of mishap.

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Some of the national HMO´s where you could ask any questions you may have are Ronsberger Nigeria, Medi Plan Health Care, Expatcare Health International, Maayoit Healthcare and Zenith Medicare.

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All of these HMOs have been approved by the controlling authorities and are guaranteed to offer great services throughout the country. Begin today to enjoy top quality health care cover.

The goal is for every Nigerian to be able to take advantage from these developments and have the medical care that every human being deserves.

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